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International Multimodal Distribution Services
Import / Export Documentation & Customs Clearance
BSG handle a wide spectrum of import / export goods such as food, wood, paper, rubber,vehicles,
machinery, and plant equipment. From production centers to the manufacturer, and from the manufacturer
tothe market, from Thailand to the world and from the world to Thailand,from raw materials for manufacturers
tofinal products, we help our customers as a businesspartner by supporting all your import/export activities.
At the same time, we also extend our services to helping our customers with all of your import / export
procedures - from start to end. We offer integrated services like goods declaration using our accumulated
expertise on any commodity. We will assist you on the import / export procedures to carry out every activity  
smoothly, speedily and cost effectively.

127/14 Panjathani Tower 12th Fl, Nonsri Road,
Chongnosri Yannawa, Bangkok, 10120 Thailand
Tel: +662-296-1107-8
Fax: +662-681-2275
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